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One of the most important factors influencing the success of an Innovation Week is the appointment of the Innovation Week Director. The Director helps make the Innovation Week successful by using their knowledge of the local innovation ecosystem and business relationships.

Innovation Week Directors almost always integrate this role into their existing business. They can also opt to make the Innovation Week their sole focus, depending on their unique goals for income, lead generation, and local visibility.

Advising Director

Advising Directors are primarily figureheads. Their face and name are usually already known in local Innovation ecosystem. In this role, Directors have no duties other than to advise Oviture™ on their recommendations for achieving success, hence the name "Advising Director." Benefits to Advising Directors are generally as follows:

  • Revenue Share:
  • Advising Directors typically earn a percentage of the overall revenue for the Innovation Week. They may also earn income in other ways.

  • Publicity:
  • The headshot of an Advising Director appears on most all of the pages of the Innovation Week website. It can also appear in online and offline communictions.

  • Lead Generation:
  • Innovation Week technology allows Acting Directors to receive leads for Innovation Week revenue opportunities and leads for their personal business.

Managing Director

Managing Directors have primary responsiblity for the planning and execution of the Innovation. Similar to Advising Directors, they earn income, receive publicity and may generate business leads. Unlike Advising Directors, Managing Directors act autonomously to achieve the objectives of the Innovation Week as defined by an agreement with Oviture. In addition to the benefits provide to Advising Directors, Managing Directors may receive:

  • Increased Revenue Share:
  • Managing Directors earn a greater percentage of the overall revenue for the Innovation Week.

  • Increased Publicity:
  • Managing Directors can work with Oviture to add additional feature and events to the Innovation Week website that will increase Director publicity.

  • Increased Lead Generation:
  • Managing Directors can engage Oviture to customize and enhance Innovation Week to meet additional lead gerneration and revenue objectives.

  • Other Benefits:
  • Our ultimate goal is to have Managing Directors with mutually-beneficial multi-year agreements for each Innovation Week. We will customize our agreements to meet that end.

Next Steps?

If you are interested in becoming an Innovation Week Advising or Managing Director, we would love to talk to you.

Please contact us:


Phone:   844 INNOV 8    (844-646-6688)

Thank you!

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