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Host the Innovation Week

The most prestigious and sought-after role in an Innovation Week is the Innovation Week Host. The Host uses its local brand, resources and team to help make the innovation week a success. In exchange for Host Resources of time, money, and influence, Innovation Week hosts receive extensive publicity, technology functionality, leads for new business and other rights.

While there is no functional limit on the type of organization that could host and Innovation Week, the typical host is one of the following four types (in no particular order):

  • A Larger Business
  • This business will typically have a headquarters or a substantial local office with operations in the area of the Innovation Week.

  • A Local Economic Development Corporation
  • This entity is usually a non-profit, is central to the area's innovation ecosystem, and is chartered to help the area grow.

  • A Corporate Events Company
  • This company will have proven ties to many local bigger businesses in the area where the Innovation Week is being produced.

  • A Philanthropic Sponsor/Donor
  • This individual or organization has long-term ties to the area where the Innovation Week is being produced and wants to support that area.

Below, the typical contribution for each type of host and a list of what they can expect to receive in return are provided in greater detail:

Large Business Host

Detail on Large Business Host

  • Item 1:
  • Detail on item 1.

  • Item 2:
  • Detail on item 1.

Economic Development Corporation Host

Detail on EDC

  • Item 1:
  • Detail on item 1.

  • Item 2:
  • Detail on item 1.

Corporate Events Company Host

Detail on Corporate Events Company Host

  • Item 1:
  • Detail on item 1.

  • Item 2:
  • Detail on item 1.

Philanthropic Donor

Detail on philanthropic donor

  • Item 1:
  • Detail on item 1.

  • Item 2:
  • Detail on item 1.

Next Steps?

If your organization is interested in becoming an Innovation Week Host, we would love to talk to you.

Please contact us:


Phone:   844 INNOV 8    (844-646-6688)

Thank you!

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