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Darlene Lyons
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Oviture™ Innovation Weeks are growing fast Nationally in 2020. We also anticipate producing International Innovation Weeks soon thereafter. We're looking for partners to grow with us.

There are three types of Oviture™ Innovation Week Partners:

  • Referral Partner
  • Want more leads? Innovation Weeks generate leads for many different types of innovation-related products and services. Examples include training, consulting, courseware, go-to-market services and much more. Become an Oviture Innovation Week Referral partner and get the leads you need to grow your business.

  • Merchant Partner
  • Have you written a book, created a technology or otherwise developed something suitable for our Innovation Week Stores? Great! We'd love to learn more and include it in some or all of our Innovation Week websites. You're items will get special attention in the market area(s) where the item was created.

  • Event Partner
  • Do you provide local event services, audio visual equipment, catering and other things that could support our events? Perfect! We'd like to help you do more business and make our Innovation Week events more successful. In certain cases, your unique experience, location or other qualifications can earn you the title of "Recommended", "Preferred", or "Exclusive" Innovation Week partner.

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