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Ways To Get Involved
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Overview of Ways to Get Involved

We designed the to create value for everyone involved. You can take a passive or active role, and spend a much or as little time as you prefer.

  • Attend the Innovation Week
  • If you present using your webcam, your local innovation events are FREE. You also get discounts outside of your home area.Sign-Up, then choose the events you'd like to watch/attend. More...

  • Share Your Venue
  • If you are a business that has already has dedicated meeting space and is willing to allow innovators in to use your space for a presentation, you can list the space and receive publicity for free. More...

  • Sponsor the Innovation Week
  • Sponsors provide cash and in-kind contributions to make the Innovation Week a greater success. Sponsorships can be for channels or for the as a whole. More...

  • Present Before or During the Innovation Week
  • If you're very knowledgeable about a certain kind of Innovation, you may want to be a speaker. You can search for channels that interest you, or use the Present for Free page to speak using your webcam! More...

  • Manage a Channel
  • If you'd like to generate publicity, establish yourself a local expert on an innovation topic, grow your network and make money, you may want to manage a speaker channel during Innovation Week. More...

  • Advertise With Us
  • Our Innovation Week websites make it easy to advertise in your own community, regionally, or nationally. Advertisements are inexpensive and provide for a number of options for you to understand, monitor and improve your return on investment. More...

  • Partner With Us
  • We believe in creating mutually-beneficial and long-term partnerships. To do that, we've created ways for your business to receive leads, to sell products or services in our innovation stores, and to provide services at our Innovation Week events. More...

  • Promote This Innovation Week
  • One of the keys for a successful Innovation Week is to maximize the number of attendees. You can promote the Innovation Week to benefit the event while simultaneously improve the innovative quality of your brand. More...

  • Be the Director
  • Are you a well-known figure in ? If so, you may be interested in being the Director of the . Directors are an important feature of an innovation week. They act as ambassadors and put a well-known face on this big event. Directors are not employees but receive a variety of valuable benefits. More...

  • Host the Week
  • More...

  • Volunteer your time
  • There's never a shortage of things to do during an Innovation Week. In particular, help at venues, assistance to channel managers and speakers and a variety of miscellaneous things are often needed. If you have some time on your hands and you'd like to advertise your volunteer services on the Innovation Week website, we're happy to assist you. More...

  • Get Your Employees Involved
  • Innovation is an exciting and valuable activity, but it's a difficult thing for many businesses to accomplish. Your company can use the Innovation Week as a reason to engage your staff and help them to become more innovative. We have a variety of free dowloadable resources to help you educated your employees on innovation and improve your innovative culture. More...

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