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Essential elements are drawn together by mutual attraction. When they hit critical mass, boom! A star is born. A star expands as more essential elements are drawn in, glowing brightly and nurturing ...more
For organizations in startup mode or enterprise business units undergoing transformation, the Business Model Design workshop guides senior teams in developing and testing the entire business model, in ...more
When you hold an event, you are putting your name and your business brand on the line. The experience of your guests has to be first-rate or you risk doing more harm than good and wasting your money. ...more
"Regardless of what age you are, if you want to make the most of your one and only life, read Millennial Samurai."Millennial Samurai examines the opportunities and challenges of the 21st Century. It o ...more
The MINDPOWER ToolBox, based on the SCIENCE of SUCCESS, is a cutting-edge, high-performance training tool for individuals and organizations looking for a competitive edge. Using the latest discoveries ...more
If someone you know is into innovation, this is the game for them. Play through the steps of getting a good idea, finding a patent attorney, arguing with the patent office, and finally commercializin ...more
Please contact Senior Manager of Strategic Partnerships Rachelle Fender for details on the Bronze Level Corporate Sponsorship: ...more
Please contact Founder Cynthia Kersey for details on the silver Level Corporate Sponsorship: ...more
For mature organizations with established channels, customers and products, this one-day workshop focuses on identifying and clearly articulating the value propositions for all products and services, ...more

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